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Tightrope Show


A street theatre show with a freestanding tightrope that makes any outdoor space feel like a stage even before the show begins. 


Tea & Biscuits 


A show that pre-covid saw biscuits shared with countless audience members. Now Sam is forced to take on the burden of eating them all 


Trouser Trouble

Unexpectedly in front of an audience in his vest and pants Sam attempts to get changed and without sacrificing the show by never getting off his unicycle


Unicycle Waiter


What every event is missing. A waiter on a unicycle to hand out canapés and pull nervous expressions.. whilst in reality being in complete control. 


Wine Glasses


Balancing a unicycle on real upturned wine glasses. Described as insanely beautiful where it not for Sam's facial expression of concentration and terror


Other Skills


Sam can do more than just ride a unicycle and eat biscuits. Champion Juggler. Astonishing Knife Thrower and Sometimes Mildly Funny Clown.

"Choosing to book Sam for your next event is always the right decision"

∼ Sam Goodburn

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